Electric Cable Terminal Lug Pull Tester

Electric Cable Terminal Lug Pull Tester

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Electric Cable Terminal Lug Pull Tester

AEH electric horizontal test stand is designed for HF series and NK series force gauge of push-pull load test. This product adopts double guide bar structure, it has good stability, wide suitable scope, convenient use, and has advantages of stepless speed adjustment, manual (jog), automatic control switch function. Applicable to electronic appliances, electric wire and cable, hardware machinery, electromagnetic machinery, auto parts, and machinery, chemical industry, building doors and windows, adhesive plastic woven, spring coil manufacturing, medical equipment, fire equipment, printing and packaging, shaver, gear aviation, zipper buttons, textile and clothing, coal, furniture, elevator, lighter and ignition devices, lock, pens industry , electric power industries and scientific research institutions, schools, etc.


  • Electric loading, stepless speed regulation, no gear transmission
  • Compact structure, smooth transmission
  • It can be installed on the table (platform) face to make the frame more stable