Button Snap Pull Tester

Button Snap Pull Tester

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ABQ-A Digital Pull Out Tester For Buttons


The button tester is configurable for NK, HF Push Pull Gauge and special jig. Dedicated to measure the buttons' clip force or the collapsing force of detachment from clothing. Detecting the fixed strength of buttons is very important standard. Especially in infants and children's clothing design and manufacturing is the most important. It needs strength instruments to note the measurement of the force in the fixed decorative button.


The purpose of ABQ buttons testers is to define the responsibility of the garment manufacturers to ensure the button and push button and the fixed article can be properly fixed in the garment, preventing the buttons, etc, separate from clothing so that make the chance of dangerous that the baby swallow. Therefore, all garment button, and fixed decorative button (The whole can be put into small objects measurement) are required detection by the button tester.

  • Big base platform, good stability, suitable for indoor table test.
  • Screw transmission, and precise displacement measurement head, lateral handwheel loading, simple and stable operation.
  • The standard configuration of base platform, can move around, convenient for accurate clamping.
  • Size: 260mm*360mm*700mm.
  • Trip: 180mm.
  • Rated load: 500N.